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02.07.23: Laufer Client Advisory – Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

An initial 7.8-magnitude earthquake reported on Monday morning was followed by a 7.5-magnitude quake in the afternoon impacting southern Turkey and northern Syria. The region has experienced hundreds of aftershocks, complicating efforts to reach those trapped. The massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake has taken more than 7,500 lives, injured more than 31,000 and destroyed countless residences, buildings, and historical sites in both nations.

To keep you informed about the status of the earthquake and its impact on supply chain operations in the area we are sharing the following information received from our partners in the region.


Several major Turkish airports have sustained serious damage and are closed, including airports such as Hatay Airport and Gaziantep International Airport. Adana airport is closed until further notice.


Operations at Ceyhan Marine Terminal in Adana Province have been suspended. The Port of Iskenderun sustained severe structural damage which has caused a complete shutdown of that port and equipment shortages including containers. There is no damage to the Mersin port, however, the workforce at the port and customs offices are significantly reduced.

Many ocean carriers temporarily closed their Iskenderun and Mersin port offices, but the Mersin Port is still operational. The ocean carriers’ other offices located in Istanbul, Izmir or similar are supporting the documentation and operational processes instead of the Mersin Port Offices.


Across the region, roads have been heavily affected, preventing trucks from moving around the region.


Currently, there are no expected strikes or issues with drivers that can impact freight except at the Port of Iskenderun.


Many factories are temporarily closed for an indefinite period in Gaziantep/Kahramanmaraş.

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