Market Letters

CHB Update 07/02/20

To Our Valued Customers:

PPE (masks) Classification Shift: A revised tariff schedule has recently been issued and enacted on July 1, 2020. One of the shifts includes a break out of masks in Chapter 63, which were all previously classified under 6307.90.9889.

Masks have now shifted to the following classifications:

6307.90.9845: N95 respirators 6307.90.9850: Other respirators 6307.90.9870: Other face masks, disposable 6307.90.9875: Other face masks, other

Duty Percentage: The duty rate for the adjusted classifications is the same, at 7%.

Section 301 Exclusion: The previous classification ending in 9889 had an applicable exclusion available for use, removing the additional 7.5% duty imposed on goods imported from China. The exclusion has not yet been updated by the US Trade Representative to include the new tariff classifications.

There is past precedence for exclusions being adjusted and granted after review, but at this time, any goods clearing US Customs after July 1 will be required to be in compliance with the correct HTS code and will be subject to the additional 7.5% Section 301 duty.