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09.13.22 Client Advisory – Typhoon Updates for Shanghai and Ningbo

Another typhoon has prompted the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo to close for the second time in ten days. The storm arrives not long after last week’s Super Typhoon Hinnamnor.

Typhoon Muifa is expected to make landfall in Zhejiang, China on Wednesday (September 14th. As of Tuesday, the typhoon has intensified as it makes its way towards the eastern and southern coastal regions of the country. Strong winds and torrential rains are expected.

The storm’s path is expected to impact the port cities of Ningbo and Shanghai, who have implemented measures to minimize its impact by ordering many ships to return to port.

Both ports/terminals and equipment yards in Shanghai and Ningbo are closed and have suspended operations until further notice.


  • Container ports, terminals and equipment yards are closed from September 13th @ 19:00 hrs. until further notice
  • Yangshan terminal is closed from September 14th @ 07:00hrs until further notice
  • Waiguoqiao terminal is closed from September 14th @ 08:00hrs until further notice


  • Container ports, terminals and equipment yards stopped releasing equipment this afternoon and will be closed until further notice

We will keep you updated on any new developments regarding this issue. In the meantime, please continue to check out our INSIGHTS and NEWS pages for the latest information.

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