Market Letters

Laufer Client Advisory – Ukraine Crisis 03.23.22


Laufer Group has been monitoring the escalating diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia, during the ensuing conflict with Ukraine. The Biden Administration has issued sanctions against Russia, which continue to change regularly. To assist in protecting your supply chain, Laufer Group will not be accepting freight bookings shipping to the Russia / Ukraine region. Imports for US Customs clearance will require additional information to assist in processing the release; any questions you may have can be directed to


By Executive Order, the following commodities have been prohibited from import:  

  • Fish, Seafood and preparations thereof 
  • Alcoholic Beverages  
  • Non-industrial Diamonds 
  • Any other products of Russian Federation origin as may be determined by the Secretary of Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and of Commerce 

For additional information and regular updates, please visit the Russian Sanctions website from the US Treasury 


Laufer Group is committed to you supply chain program and will help to guide you during this dynamic time. Please contact your representative with any questions you may have.   


Specific questions regarding commodities and supply chain lanes should be directed to the Office of Foreign Assets Control as 800-540-6322 /