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Laufer Group International CHB Market Alert – 2022 HTS Changes – Week 4, 2021

2022 HTS Amendments and Updates 

In order to keep current with technology advancements and global issues, the World Customs Organization (WCO) has issued 351 sets of amendments to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. As a result, many 10-digit HTSUS product codes have been updated or changed. In the United States, these changes will take effect on January 27th, 2022. 

 Importer’s database of products and US Customs Entries may be affected by these tariff changes. Using out of date HS codes can cause delays and holds in processing through US Customs. Changes to chapter notes and legal notes should also be reviewed for potential impacts. 

Goods in Chapters 44, 84, and 85 are particularly affected. These chapters contain wood products (notably tropical wood), electrical equipment, industrial turbines/parts, and televisions – among other things. 

The electronics and automotive sectors have several changes aimed at updating classifications because of new technologies. These products have all been updated and, in some instances, may require additional information for classification and clearance.  

Some food products and textile categories were also impacted - including apparel and bedding. 

Examples of potentially impacted products (this is not an exhaustive list): 

  • Industrial turbines and parts 
  • Flat panel displays 
  • LED bulbs, televisions 
  • Digital cameras 
  • Smartphones 
  • E-cigarettes 
  • 3-D printers 
  • Electronic waste 
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles 
  • Drones 
  • Rapid diagnostic test kits 
  • Clinical trial kits 
  • Men’s shirts 
  • Textiles laminated with plastics 
  • Bedding 
  • Tropical wood office furniture 
  • Double walled stainless steel bottles 
  • Spanish-style olives 
  • Olive oil 
  • Hemp seed 
  • Organic wheat 
  • Green onions 

The full WCO publication can be found HERE. 

We have a team of experts on staff who would be happy to help you navigate the complexities of these issues. Please contact Ashley Coxey, National Director of Business Development, Customs Brokerage or your Laufer representative for more information on any topic discussed in this week’s market letter.