Laufer’s KC Secret Sauce is Giving Midwest Exporters a Boost!

In a city that is known worldwide for its BBQ, using the right combination of seasonings, rubs and sauces can be the difference between great BBQ and BBQ that is, well, just ok…Pit masters work for years perfecting their craft, honing their skills, and developing their own secret sauces. Just like these BBQ legends, Laufer has been perfecting their KC Export Secret Sauce for years. While it’s always been a local favorite, during these challenging times for exporters, Laufer’s export program is in high demand.

To get more insight on how this offering is winning fans over, we checked in with Laufer’s own KC backyard Pit Master, Marc Van Gorp, National Export, Business Development Manager. Though Marc was unwilling to share all Laufer’s secret KC ingredients, he highlighted three key ingredients that combined together have Midwest exporters craving more.

Ingredient #1 – Laufer’s Street Turn Program
Ingredient #2 – Dedicated Overweight Trucking with Equipment
Ingredient #3 – Laufer Carrier Allocations

Ingredient #1 – Laufer’s Street Turn Program creates new recipes turning imports into exports

As a leading forwarder in the local market, Laufer is utilizing its significant regional import volume to access chassis and container equipment for exporters. Putting it in simplest terms, street turns match an inbound import container delivery to an outbound export load. Essentially taking the unloaded import container and delivering it directly to a waiting exporter for loading an outbound load. Rather than make two trips (one to return the empty import container and another to pick up an empty export container) the trucker can handle all as one move.  Laufer’s upstream visibility to import loads arriving both at the ports and on the inland rails allows pinpoint matching of incoming import loads to pending export bookings.

In an export market where access to containers and chassis is more than just challenged Laufer’s program allows exporters to secure equipment that they normally would not have. Marc further elaborates that without access to equipment, exporters cannot ship, cannot sell their product, cannot access global markets, cannot get the next order, or build a relationship with the buyer. Everything is predicated on an exporter getting a booking and securing equipment. Ultimately, exporter access to equipment is cash.

Ingredient #2 – Dedicated Overweight Trucking with Equipment

Marc indicates that Laufer is uniquely positioned in the KC Market with access to dedicated trucker and chassis equipment. With a private and dedicated chassis pool including specialized equipment for heavy weight loads, Laufer can move exporters’ loads how and when they need it. Laufer’s export pit crew is deep in experience and expertise with overweight loads and permits, enabling shippers to load up to 20% more weight in 40’ containers - allowing heavy weight exporters the opportunity to maximize their loads, reduce overall unit cost burden and ultimately sell more product.

Ingredient #3 – Laufer Carrier Allocations help bring certainty in uncertain times.

Marc explains that Laufer has secured agreements with our core carrier partners for fixed weekly export allocations. Depending on the opportunity and availability with a particular carrier, these can be executed for specific pieces of business and can be service based and/or for specific lanes. This is allowing Laufer to secure and offer space and equipment by partnering with exporters that have regular cargo and secure weekly allocation space for them with our carrier partners. This program is not for everyone, for example an ad hoc exporter. The program is for exporters that have consistent weekly repeat shipments and enables them to secure equipment and most importantly space on vessels through fixed weekly allocations.

In this chaotic environment where carriers are prioritizing the movement of empty containers over loaded export loads, Laufer is partnering with carriers on key trade lanes, where carriers are actively looking for cargo and collaborating to put weekly allocations in place. Utilizing our allocation program, Laufer’s customers have the confidence that when their cargo is ready to move, Laufer is going to have space and equipment for them – and ultimately move it.

Like the best BBQ, each key ingredient can be a star on its own. Some people like a little less of that, a little more of the other. When all three are mixed together that is when the real magic happens – leaving the science behind and fully utilizing the skills, experience, and artistry of the master pit boss to deliver exceptional BBQ. It is the same with Laufer’s KC Export Masterpiece. Whether an exporter chooses one, two or all three key ingredients they are sure to be satisfied and come back for more.

Ready to Try or Sample?

If you are current export experience is less than flavorful and leaving you unsatisfied, please reach out to Marc Van Gorp, National Export Business Development Manager. Marc’s favorite BBQ is Joe’s Kansas City Z-man sandwich.