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URGENT Laufer Group International CHB Update: Section 301 Duties September 14, 2020

Potential Section 301 Refunds (China Tariffs):

A vast majority of US importers that purchase goods from China have been severely impacted by Section 301 duties on a variety of their products over the last 2 years.

Pending litigation has been brought to the Court of International Trade that may relieve importers of the burden the additional duties retroactively. The lawsuit, filed September 10, 2020, claims that the Court of International Trade overstepped their authority as outlined in the Trade Promotion Act of 1974, in regards to Section 301 List 3 and List 4A.

Should the court rule in the importers favor, the US Government could be required to return duties paid, plus interest.

Importers that would like to preserve their right to a refund are required to file an independent claim with the Court of International Trade. Notice was given on 9/14/2020 that the required filing must be made with the Court of International Trade by Friday 09/18/2020.

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