Ever Forward Container Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay

Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Source: The Wall Street Journal

A year after a giant container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal and disrupted ocean trade for months, another Evergreen Marine Corp. boxship has run aground, this time in Baltimore.

The Ever Forward became grounded in the Chesapeake Bay after leaving the Port of Baltimore on Sunday, port officials said. The 334-meter (1,096-foot) vessel was scheduled to sail to Norfolk, Va.

The ship isn’t blocking any vessels from moving in and out of the Port of Baltimore.

“Efforts have been underway to try and free the ship,” Maryland Port Administration Executive Director William P. Doyle said in a statement.

Evergreen, based in Taiwan, has deployed divers to check the ship’s hull for damage and is participating in coordinated efforts to refloat the ship.

Last year, the 400-meter-long Ever Given, another Evergreen ship, got stuck in the Suez Canal for a week, blocking about 409 vessels from moving on both sides of the waterway.


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