FMC asks shippers, transportation providers to weigh in on data initiative

Date: Monday, September 18th, 2023
Source: Supply Chain Dive

The Federal Maritime Commission wants supply chain stakeholders to review and comment on the proposed processes and definitions identified in the Maritime Transportation Data Initiative (MTDI), according to a Request for Information shared on Aug. 16.

FMC commissioner Carl Bentzel held 18 public meetings with more than 80 supply chain experts from companies that included Amazon, FedEx, Maersk and CMA CGM. The meetings, along with continued discussions with industry experts, helped shape the recommendations on the MTDI which are up for review before Bentzel issues any rulemaking.

“Make no mistake, supply chain congestion is a constant and continuing inefficiency,” Bentzel said in a statement. “Recent pandemic-related congestion costs our nation trillions of dollars in lost economic opportunity and higher prices, but only highlighted what is in fact an ongoing problem. The recommendations proposed in the MTDI seek to ameliorate what is a system inadequate for providing supply chain transportation. Further public input will help refine what was issued earlier this year.”

The RFI outlines two separate sets of questions — one for transportation service providers and the other for shippers. The questions focus on how transportation service providers share data now, how much they’re willing to adapt to make data sharing accessible for shippers and the cost impact shippers face due to data constraints.

Responses are due on Oct. 16. Some of the questions included are listed below:

Transportation service providers

  • How much effort and/or cost would it take to adapt your existing computer systems to be able to share more data with shippers/BCOs?


  • Are there innovative methods you use for transmitting information with your highest volume shippers/BCOs?


  • What data are collected and controlled by other parties in the supply chain that influence your business operations?


  • What is the best way for you to receive data from carriers/MTOs/etc. ( e.g., EDI, API, email)?


  • How do you currently receive data from carriers/MTOs/etc. ( e.g., EDI, API, email)?


  • What share of containers could you have picked up earlier if you had been notified that they were available earlier? What is the cost impact of these delays?

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