Full Lockdown From June 1 Till June 14, Says PMO

Date: Tuesday, June 1st, 2021
Source: TRP

A total lockdown will come into effect from 1 June till 14 June 2021, according to a statement that came from the office of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dated today (28 May 2021).

This means that for two weeks all social and non-essential economic and service sectors, as defined by the National Security Council (MKN), will not be allowed to operate.

The statement says that daily cases are rapidly increasing as of late and the capacity of hospitals to treat Covid-19 cases across the country are increasingly limited.

This lockdown will be considered Phase One and if it succeeds in reducing daily Covid-19 cases, the government will carry out Phase Two.

During Phase Two, which will last for four weeks after Phase One ends, some economic sectors will be allowed to operate that do not involve large gatherings and can practice physical distancing.

If Phase Two is also successful, Malaysia will go into Phase Three which is identical to the current Movement Control Order (MCO) during which social activities are not permitted but almost all economic sectors are allowed to operate subject to strict SOPs and limited physical presence at workplaces.

The government says they will ensure the public health system will not collapse and all manner of support and assistance will be given to the Health Ministry to increase the capacity of hospitals across the country. The government also said it would increase the vaccine rollout in the coming weeks in order to achieve herd immunity.

They also advise all Malaysians to remain disciplined and always adhere to established SOPs for breaking the chain of Covid-19 infection, and of course to advised everyone to STAY AT HOME, in order to flatten the infection curve.


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