IEA sees ammonia winning shipping’s future fuel race

Date: Friday, October 28, 2022
Source: Splash 24/7

Ammonia will be shipping’s dominant fuel by 2050, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has predicted.

In the World Energy Outlook 2022, published by the IEA yesterday, the Paris-based agency sees ammonia meeting around 45% of demand for shipping fuel by 2050. Bioenergy and hydrogen each meet a further 20% of demand the IEA is projecting, with the use of hydrogen in particular focused on short‐ to mid‐range operations. Electricity will play a minor role focused on meeting demand from small ships and cruise ferries used for short‐distance operations, the IEA suggested.

“Ships have a lifetime of 20‐35 years, which inhibits the uptake of new low‐emissions technologies and contributes to oil still constituting almost 15% of shipping fuel demand by 2050,” the report stated.

The global transport sector consumes a quarter of total final energy consumption today and is responsible for nearly 40% of the emissions from end‐use sectors, according to the IEA.


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