Logistics “barely at day one” on AI tech adoption

Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2023
Source: Air Cargo News

The logistics sector is slowly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) solutions while the majority expect the technology to have a major impact on the industry in the future.

A survey carried out by booking and rate platform Freightos showed that 14% of companies are already using (7%) or piloting (7%) AI solutions.

Meanwhile, 96% of respondents believe they will leverage AI in the future, with most expecting to use it for pricing (64%) and customer service (56%) automation in the future.

Source: Freightos

Just over half anticipate using AI in operations (51%) and others for sales functions (35%) or software engineering (24%).

Freightos chief marketing officer Eytan Buchman said: “Our survey was incredibly clear that AI is not just a tech buzzword, with a full 96% of respondents believing it will impact logistics.

“However, it also shows that we’re barely at day one only 7% of respondents are actually using AI, with another 7% testing it.

“The use cases vary, from pricing to customer development and engineering but it’s seemingly increasingly clear that there will be little that isn’t touched by AI.”

On one of the more controversial areas of AI – the impact of headcount – the survey found that 53% expect a limited headcount reduction due to AI, while “a meaningful share” of 31% expect a significant reduction.

The survey had 55 respondents from a mix of beneficial cargo owners, forwarders, carriers and other logistics personnel.

Source: Freightos

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