Compliance and Consulting Services

HTS and Database Services

HTS and Product Description Verification

Verifying existing HTS classification and accuracy of product description

HTS Classification

New HTS Classification

ADD/CVD Research/Assistance

Special research dedicated to anti-dumping and countervailing duty issues

Section 301 Exclusion Research/Assistance

Special research dedicated to Section 301 issues; including identification of existing granted exclusions, exclusions in process, exclusion applicability, etc

General Consulting

Country of Origin Assistance

Detailed review of Country of Origin Rules for a particular product or group of products


Determining regional value content for Free Trade Agreement eligibility, assists, deductions, commissions, etc

First Sale Determination

Evaluation of supply chain processes to assist in determining First Sale eligibility

Binding Rulings

Assistance in drafting binding rulings

PGA Applicability

Special research, communication with agencies and CBP, and drafting of descriptive/advisory language

FDA Specific Research/Filing

Special research, communication with agencies and CBP. Drafting of descriptive/advisory language including FSVP, FDA product code, and product specific regulations

License/Permit Requirements

Special research, communication with agencies and CBP, and drafting of descriptive/advisory language

Duty Drawback

Establishing a New Program

Assisting an importer in initial set up of a Duty Drawback program

Filing for a Duty Drawback Refund

Assisting an importer with the refund process

Terms and Conditions

Invoice Terms: 15 days. Any outlays of cash including duty and freight are contingent upon mutual acceptance of Service Repayment Agreement. A valid power of attorney must be received prior to commencement of services.

Rate quotes are valid for 90 days.

All shipments and transactions are subject to Laufer Group International LTD. Standard Terms and Conditions. We are not responsible for performance of third parties that may be engaged in connection with the shipment. All services covered by Laufer Group International LTD. invoicing are subject to the terms and conditions of the National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America. Pursuant to the 19 CFR 141.1 (b) payment to a broker paying duties and fees on behalf of an importer, does not relieve the importer of liability if the duties are not paid by the broker.

Shipments designated by Customs and Border Protections for examination must be delivered to an authorized Central Examination Site (CES) where product will be examined by US Customs at the importer’s expense. Costs for transport to and from a CES, station handling costs, administration of examination, and documentation courier costs are in addition to our service schedule of charges.

Warehousing, crating, distribution service arrangements made upon request.