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09.15.22: Laufer Client Advisory – Nationwide Freight Railroad Strike Averted

This morning the U.S. Labor Department announced that the rail companies and union negotiators came to a tentative agreement that “balances the needs of workers, businesses and our nation’s economy.” A USA Railroads strike had been called to begin starting 0001 hrs. Friday September 16. The tentative agreements announced this…

Sep 15, 2022

09.13.22 Client Advisory – Freight Railroads Brace for Strike Friday, Sept. 16

A strike at USA Railroads has been called to begin starting 0001 hrs. Friday September 16. There are a total of 12 unions currently negotiating with the nation’s Class I railroads and not all have reached agreement yet on new contracts. Eight out of a dozen railroad unions have accepted…

Sep 13, 2022

09.13.22 Client Advisory – Typhoon Updates for Shanghai and Ningbo

Another typhoon has prompted the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo to close for the second time in ten days. The storm arrives not long after last week’s Super Typhoon Hinnamnor. Typhoon Muifa is expected to make landfall in Zhejiang, China on Wednesday (September 14th. As of Tuesday, the typhoon has…

Sep 13, 2022

Market Letters

Transpacific Eastbound Market Update – Week 35, 2022

Sep 01, 2022
As widely reported in the press, big box and major wholesaler forecasts are well off earlier projections with market rates tumbling on most sub-trades since June in response. The lower costs on ocean freight are welcomed news to the market, however accessorial operational costs remain a major hurdle with no relief expected through the remainder of the year. Though sliding, import volumes, remain approximately 15% higher than pre-covid levels and most expect it will take several more months before domestic bottlenecks achieve noticeable improvements. We anticipate August and September import volumes to continue to reflect a downward trend. As we move through the remainder of Q3 and into Q4, it will be interesting to see how much the market has retracted from the surge that hit our shores earlier this year.
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Understanding US Customs Notifications, Actions and Exams

Jul 28, 2022
Perhaps some of the least popular Customs topics, and ones that have the potential to be the most painful, are Customs’ notifications and exams. This blog post will provide a brief overview of the several types of CBP notifications, holds, and exams that an importer might receive on inbound shipments to the United States, what an importer should do if a notification is received, and some best practices on how to deal with each of these situations.
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Market Letters

Transpacific Eastbound Market Update – Week 28, 2022

Jul 14, 2022
The TPEB market continues to show mixed signals. On one hand, capacity remains readily available on all sub-trades, providing some optimism that our industry has turned the corner with easier times ahead. At the same time many industry stakeholders are reporting deteriorating supply chain fluidity at East Coast ports and major rail hubs across the nation. Ocean terminals in Southern California are seeing rail dwell times spike as fewer trains are departing due to the inland ramp congestion. The number of vessels dwelling off New York and Savannah are at historic levels.
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