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Laufer Group International CHB Market Update – Week 41, 2021

On October 12th, the USTR (United States Trade Representative) opened a portal for the trade community to submit comments on whether a group of around 550 expired exclusions should be reinstated. Submitted comments have specific requirements including information on the importer’s business activity, revenue, etc., and should also include the…

Oct 13, 2021

Laufer Group International CHB Market Update – Week 40, 2021

The USTR finally granted a temporary extension for the last remaining Section 301 tariff exclusions. The exclusions are meant to ease importation of goods to aid in Covid-19 relief and were set to expire on September 30, 2021. The exclusions were granted a temporary 45-day extension while the USTR reviews…

Oct 07, 2021

usa to italy shipping
Transpacific Eastbound Market Update – Week 37, 2021

The mad rush to find vessel capacity before China National Holiday is upon us as port congestion seems to continue to worsen daily. Lengthy intermodal rail departure delays are slowly improving, however chassis shortages at major rail destinations are hampering last mile deliveries. Pressure from the China Ministry of Transportation…

Sep 16, 2021


Really?! 126 days to Kansas City? – taking the long ride home in 2021….

Sep 15, 2021
So, what is it really like today? To illustrate the challenges and reality of today’s TPEB market, we follow the journey an actual container shipment of bicycles from Ningbo to final delivery in Kansas City and track the shipment from the supplier’s ready date in Ningbo through to the final delivery to the customer in Kansas City.
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Transpacific Eastbound Market Update – Week 35, 2021

Sep 01, 2021
As ocean carriers limit intermodal destinations due to the severe congestion issues at the ports, major hubs such as Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, and Kansas City inadvertently saw a huge spike in volume. Fast forward to September 1st and we now have thousands of containers stacked in multiple lots waiting to be made available for delivery in Chicago. A severe chassis shortage coupled with warehouse and trucking labor issues created the ingredients for a “perfect storm” earlier this summer.
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Laufer’s KC Secret Sauce is Giving Midwest Exporters a Boost!

Aug 25, 2021
In a city that is known worldwide for its BBQ, using the right combination of seasonings, rubs and sauces can be the difference between great BBQ and BBQ that is, well, just ok…Pit masters work for years perfecting their craft, honing their skills, and developing their own secret sauces. Just like these BBQ legends, Laufer has been perfecting their KC Export Secret Sauce for years. While it’s always been a local favorite, during these challenging times for exporters, Laufer’s export program is in high demand
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