Our Purpose

What drives us? What fuels our collective passion?

It’s very simple.

Everything we design, every problem we solve, every solution we create is designed with one purpose in mind: to help you, our mid-market customer, compete, win, and build better businesses.

We do this by leveraging our superior technology, company-wide expertise, and commitment to a personal and intimate customer experience to provide solutions that create nirvana-like visibility, control, and flexibility in the supply chain.

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Stop sacrificing with your Supply Chain

Many mid-market shippers sacrifice with their forwarder selection. They know they need a close and personal relationship with their forwarder to offer expertise and guidance, but also need a technology toolkit to help them compete and win. That’s typically a choice between a mega forwarder that doesn’t know who you are and a local or regional forwarder without the necessary technology and visibility resources to help you. It puts you in a position to have to sacrifice.

So how do you choose one partner that combines that level of intimacy and expertise you need and robust technology and unparalleled visibility, flexibility and supply chain control to help you compete and win?

Simple: You choose us.

At Laufer, we provide mid-market shippers that elusive combination of incredible customer intimacy and a powerful technology toolkit – designed to work together to help you compete and win.

Working with Laufer means having a partner that knows your business and takes it personally. We help you identify your challenges and opportunities, analyze and plan your strategy, then tailor technology and practical solutions designed to improve your business – not just when we start working together but throughout our journey together.

It’s been our DNA for over 70 years.


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