How Can Our Technology Help You?

Simple, self-designed, and smart application of technology to help our mid-market customers gain insights into their supply chains they’ve never had before, solve complex problems, and provide nirvana-like visibility has always been at the core of our DNA. We are truly Built Different.

Icon PeerPLUS Visibility Tool


Nirvana-like supply chain visibility tool, from booking to delivery and all milestones in between.

Icon Choice Program

Choices Program

System provides multiple options for each booking to help you select the right product for the right shipment, every time.

Icon HTS Database Management

Electronic Data Interchange

Full electronic data exchange and ASNs between Laufer and our customer to manage line item PO data.

Icon Logistics

Data, Reporting, and Analytics

Robust supply chain milestone reporting tools for your entire team.

Icon E-Commerce

E-Commerce Program

Custom designed e-commerce solution designed for mid-market importers.

Icon Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management System

Simple interface between importer and supplier to communicate and approve Purchase Order data using excel uploads.

Icon Contract Management

Contract Management

Easily incorporate your carrier contracts into our PeerPLUS tool.