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Agri: Commodity Expertise Offers Control and Flexibility

Why Laufer?

In that moment, when everything is on the line – why Laufer?

A logistics partner as knowledgeable and experienced as Laufer means you have a trusted partner to help you manage every detail of your agri export business. Laufer signs ocean carrier contracts across all major alliances and has the understanding of heavy weight routings and commodity knowledge to ensure your shipment is handled properly.

Dried Fruit & Nuts:  Different countries have their own import requirements.  Laufer’s global partnerships allow us to navigate these challenges with speed and efficiency which is required in today’s constantly changing environment.

Peas & Lentils:  Our commodity expertise allows us to prepare customer specific solutions.  One size fits all does not work for Pea & Lentil exporters.  We pride ourselves on taking a consultancy approach with our clients and providing individual solutions that allows them to compete and win in the global marketplace.

Seeds:   Planting season can’t wait. You need a provider that can handle ocean containers, LCL, and air freight with the ability to provide multiple schedules and rate options to meet your ETA needs. Laufer’s personalized service and knowledgeable staff understands that proper Phytosanitary certificate issuance, USDA inspections, and customs clearance are crucial to the success of your program, especially with the constantly changing environment of shipping seeds.

Our customers know the value of working with a partner that’s Built Different.

“After working with several different forwarders, Laufer’s industry knowledge and understanding of ocean carrier routings has helped me make educated decisions for my supply chain not achieved from the others. Especially during our current trying times, it’s comforting to know they have my back.”
– Seed Sales Intl.

Laufer is a proud member and supporter of:

Oregon Seed Association
California Seed Association
Western Seed Association
American Seed Trade Association
US Pea & Lentil Trade Association