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Why Laufer?

In that moment, when everything is on the line – why Laufer?

Our experience handling the global supply chain needs within the furniture industry for well over two decades has given us insights other companies simply don’t have. Expertise—familiarity with core product lines and overseas factories—allows Laufer to develop tailored solutions to enable your business to modernize, improve your visibility, and enhance your overall ability to deliver on your promises.

Visibility and control with PeerPLUS™

Laufer’s visibility tool is simple and straightforward—and that’s part of its power. Our furniture clients rave about our reporting mechanics and real-time status of every shipment from booking through to delivery confirmation, and every milestone in between, including all Customs updates.

Personalized customer service

From pre-booking to delivery confirmation, we are proud of our reputation for open communication and transparency. Instead of hiding behind the complexities of the shipping industry, we talk about them—and work to simplify them – and develop creative solutions to respond to an ever-changing market. We give you the confidence your shipments are being proactively and optimally managed every step of the way.

We handle the details

We’ve got this. We’ll work with you to develop customized SOPs, ensuring that even the most complex requirements are met. We’ll handle every “ship-to” location, even hotel and campus job sites. And whatever your logistics issues, we’ll work as your single point of contact.

Sourcing changes? We have you covered

Whether you’re sourcing from China, Vietnam, Italy, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia or even Eastern Europe, our well-established global network has your furniture supply chain covered.

We respond quickly to change

Things change fast. Our team’s proactive approach helps minimize the impact of unforeseen challenges and makes it possible to manage through everything from port closures to tariffs.