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Why Laufer?

In that moment, when everything is on the line – why Laufer?

It all starts with visibility

Any successful healthcare supply chain strategy starts with visibility. But visibility means different things to different people. With PeerPLUS™, you get to gain insights and visibility of everything from booking details overseas to delivery confirmations here in the US, with every milestone in between – even to the Purchase Order and SKU level. So, whether you need better visibility over suppliers and their booking activity, rail tracking, air shipment details, imaged commercial documents, or delivery scheduling for your drop ship customers – we have you covered.

Flexibility and speed

With business, retail, capacity and customer needs changing constantly, your supply chain has to be nimble to win. What solution worked one week may not work the next. The strategy for your promotional launch is different from one deployed for inventory replenishment, which is different from a last-minute rush order because your customer changed their drop-dead date. Our entire program is designed to give you options, choices over speed, capacity, fixed versus market pricing, and flexibility in routing – all to provide our mid-market customers the edge they need to succeed.


When your supply chain visibility is aligned with your goals, and you have the flexibility to be nimble and adapt, you are now in a position of complete control. It’s an incredible place to be, and is our goal to get you there.

US Customs expertise

Whether you’re importing medical equipment from Taiwan, latex gloves from Malaysia, or supplements from Singapore – the goals within your customs responsibility are the same. What’s paramount is compliance, classification accuracy, FDA timeliness, speed of the entry process, visibility of your commercial documents entry, ISF filing integrity – and of course accurate and timely billing. We share this goal and will help guide you through the process – not just on our first entry, but through quarterly compliance and business reviews to keep you informed of all the changes that are impacting your supply chain and for you to stay ahead your compliance responsibilities.