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Choices Program

Simple system that provides multiple schedule options for each booking to help you select the right product for the right shipment, every time.

What is it?

Our exclusive Choices Program provides multiple sailing schedule carrier options for every shipment so you can select the right service at the right time. Use it to choose from standard and premium services and multiple ETAs to match specific in D/C dates, spread bookings between multiple discharge ports, obtain additional options when carriers are blanking services, or just match every shipment to your ETA requirements.

How does it work?

It’s easy. Every booking confirmation will have up to three options from which to choose. Review the options, review your ETA options, and make the selection on-line or directly to your Laufer booking team member.

How does it help?

It eliminates peak season vessel problems and minimizes your supply chain risk. Improved service flexibility achieves transit time and cost goals. This program can simplify supply chain management while minimizing market risk and seasonal uncertainty.