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Cross Border e-Commerce Program

Custom designed e-commerce solution designed for mid-market retailers.

What is it?

Our Cross Border e-Commerce Program offers direct-to-consumer fulfillment from anywhere in the world straight to your customer’s doorstep. At country of origin, we process all online orders to be picked, packed, labeled, and shipped for last mile delivery, bypassing traditional distribution channels and eliminating duties on individual orders under $800.00.

How does it work?

Complete integration between your online shopping cart and our delivery management platform allows for immediate, seamless order processing. Each order is labeled for the last mile carrier, then consolidated to be shipped by bulk airfreight into the USA. The goods are cleared, prior to arrival, under the Section 321. Once arrived, shipments are quickly turned over to the delivering carrier for the final leg of its journey.

How does it help?

The benefits impact every aspect of your supply chain: complete elimination or minimization of duty liability, elimination or reductions of warehouse and transportation costs, delivery optimization through multiple gateway entry points, and multi-carrier visibility, performance management, and contract optimization—all within a single platform.