Market Letters

Transpacific Westbound Market Update 08/04/20

To Our Valued Customers:

Market Conditions: Booking availability, vessel space, and equipment at both port and inland locations are favorable for US Exporters. The import surge has replenished the equipment supply at inland locations and the reduction of blank sailings has opened vessel space.

General Rate Increase: No news is good news for US Exporters in regards to GRI’s. We anticipate export pricing to remain stable through the month of August.

Tropical Storm Isaias: US East Coast ports are expected to be impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias. This may affect the operating hours of the ports and the ability to pick up and return containers. Please confirm with the port prior to dispatching any trucks.

China Bans Import of Solid Waste: China has adopted and passed “Law on the Prevention and Control Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes” which will come into effect on September 1st. Ocean carriers will stop accepting solid waste cargo described as waste paper, metal scrap, and plastic scrap or any commodity vaguely described as waste cargo to China and Hong Kong.

Montreal Port besieged by strikes: Montreal longshore workers began another 96-hour strike on Monday that ends this Friday at 6:59 am. Montreal Gateway Terminals advised that they would stop accepting export containers until further notice. Longshore workers are striking over pay and work rules.

Gulf Port Dredging: The Port of New Orleans, Houston and Mobile have all secured funding to begin dredging their ports. The deepening of the gulf ports will allow them to take advantage of the larger 14,000 TEU capacity ships that are now able to transit the Panama Canal.

Australia / New Zealand Fumigation Requirements: Effective September 1st, high-risk goods from North American shipped to Australia and New Zealand require fumigation for BMSB(brown marmorated stink bug). This requirement is in effect until May 31st, 2021. For more information please visit below website:

Our #1 priority as always is to help maintain our customers’ competitiveness, to keep your cargo flowing as quickly and as consistently as possible, and to continue to communicate effectively along the way. Our nimbleness, market awareness, and “Built Different” philosophy enable us to do this - as your partner. Thank you very much for all your support.