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Why Laufer?

In that moment, when everything is on the line – why Laufer?

At Ease Speed for Your Critical Air Freight Shipments

Laufer offers dynamic and seamless air freight services through our network of offices and relationships with carriers around the world. Our services include sea-air and truck-air for quick transit with controlled costs. We leverage pricing and space allocations to offer you consistent, frequent, and economical shipment routing. Air Freight Services include:

  • Multiple Air Freight options including Expedited and Economical
  • Aircraft Charters
  • Sea-air and truck-air for quick transit with controlled costs
  • Auto-alert notifications
  • Domestic inland transportation
  • Export documentation
  • Full range of insurance coverage
  • Hazmat certification
  • Multi-vendor consolidation
  • Purchase order management
  • TSA pre-screening and Homeland Security compliance
  • Web-based track-and-trace

Air Freight Case Study

Laufer’s fashion and apparel solutions are custom fit when late delivery is not an option.

The Service We Provide Makes All the Difference

This is what you can expect when shipping air freight with us:

  • Personalized Solutions – Every air freight scenario is unique and does not fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. Through clear and effective communication, we determine what you actually need, create a solution, and then deliver on that promise.
  • Proactive Updating – When a shipment becomes critical, you shouldn’t have to worry where your cargo is at any given moment, and how the shipment is progressing. You can expect to receive up-to-date information, on key milestones, throughout the journey.
  • High Level of Responsiveness – In the world of transportation, things do not always go as planned but it is how you respond to disruption that matters. We take an “all hands on deck” approach until a solution is found and you are satisfied.
  • Anticipation – There is no such thing as the status quo when it comes to the complexity of shipping by air. We monitor external factors for potential risk and create shipment plans that circumvent any foreseeable issue.
  • Expertise – You are busy and have more important matters to tend to than staying on top of the ever-changing world of airfreight transportation. Through internal knowledge and collaboration, we ensure that your shipments navigate multimodal, government, and customs complexity so that you can focus on what really matters.
  • Friendliness – Air freight is usually a last resort and an expensive one at that, but we believe in making the experience as enjoyable as possible. You can bet on our team to smile, help carry the load, and find ways to ease the pressure… all while providing you with the exemplary service you deserve.