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Why Laufer?

In that moment, when everything is on the line – why Laufer?

What can you expect when partnering with Laufer and our brokerage team? It’s quite simple: an intimate and personal customer experience, unparalleled visibility, and company-wide expertise you can trust.


Laufer provides complete visibility for each customs entry we perform. That means immediate insight into the entry and clearance process, date and time stamped updates for key event management, Other Government Agency clearance updates, 7501, Customs fees and duties, and all commercial documents imaged for your review and record keeping.


Laufer’s consulting services help you identify potential risks and opportunities within the supply chain resulting in greater supply chain efficiencies, monetary savings, and peace of mind. Whether it’s Country of Origin labeling, trade and tariff support, Post Summary Corrections, Binding Rulings, or simply tariff classification guidance – we have you covered.

Compliance case study

Case studies

Laufer’s compliance expertise mitigates risk and saves importers money.

Trade Compliance

Staying current on changing customs, tariff, and compliance regulations is critically important. And it’s an area where many importers feel they don’t have their own internal expertise and are looking for that right fit to help them. This is where we can help. We’ll partner with you right from the beginning, from a full tariff review, document and record keeping review, mock audits, and customized quarterly compliance engagements with our National Compliance Team – all to keep you informed, compliant, and ready for your next opportunity.

Importer Security Filing: The resource you need

With a seamlessly connected network, educational resources, unified proprietary system, and detailed written procedures, Laufer is ready to help make timely, accurate, and complete Importer Security Filings on your behalf.

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